Morning At The Doctor’s Office

1 minute read

Well, so far it has been a long morning. I went with my wife to see the doctor (she’s a Type 2 Diabetic). Anyway, it’s the first time we’ve been to a doctor’s office since the move from California. It was about a fifty minute drive in both directions. I had expected more traffic, but thankfully there wasn’t much traffic. Of course, this meant that we arrived an hour early. This gave me a chance to work on some schoolwork.

I finished the remaining chapter (Information System Categories) of my Introduction To MIS book. Also, I finished all of the chapters (Organizational Theory And Structure, Strategic Implications Of MIS and How The MIS Affects The Organization) of my The Role Of MIS In The Organization book. Again, it isn’t the most interesting of subjects; I’m not learning too much as I am already familar with the subject. But, I still need to do it. I just started the next book, Computing Resources For MIS, but I haven’t gotten very far yet. At the current rate, I should still finish by October.

It was kind of nice to see the sunrise. It’s especially interesting to view it through the haze. I only wished I had my camera. If I did, I could also have taken a picture of an idiotic driver I saw. This guy had 2x4’s coming out of his car windows. Fortunately, they weren’t sticking out enough to cause a traffic hazard. Though I wonder how well he could see his mirrors.