More Leaves

1 minute read

We spent most of the afternoon cleaning up leaves. It wasn’t as bad as it was last week. We filled up ten small pumpkin bags and three large trash bags. We put the pumpkin bags in front of the house as Halloween decorations.

Yesterday, we did some errands. I needed new socks and shoes. Also, I got a heart rate monitor. I have been exercising for about a month, but I needed something reliable to check my pulse. This thing is pretty cool. There’s a strap that goes around your chest to measure your pulse. It sends the information wirelessly to a watch-like device. The “watch” shows the exercise duration the current pulse and the average pulse. I had been using a blood pressure monitor to check my pulse. Unfortunately, after I’m done exercising, my blood pressure gets too high to be checked by the monitor. This method is much better.

Speaking of exercising, I found a great web site called You input what type of exercises you can do and how often you want to do them and it creates a customized workout plan for you. As the set of exercises become easier to do, the plan adds more repetitions.

I’ll be starting my fifth week of exercising this week. So far I have lost ten pounds. I, of course, have a lot more weight to lose, but I think that this is a great start.