Mmm… Turkey….

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My wife and I were planning to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving, but our schedules didn’t allow for it. So, for Christmas Eve we’re going to cook a turkey. Actually, we already cooked the turkey last night. Considering that this is the first turkey that my wife and I have every bought, prepared, cooked and carved (short of the turkey that comes in TV dinners) I think we did an excellent job. I was happy that we didn’t under or over-cook the turkey. I was expecting the turkey to be on the dry side, but I was pleasantly surprised at how juicy it actually turned out. I can’t wait to cook some more turkeys.

Tagline for today: “I saw a close friend of mine the other day. He said, ‘Steven, why haven’t you called me?’ I said, ‘I can’t call everyone I want, my phone has no 5 on it.’ He said, ‘How long have you had it?’ I said, ‘I don’t know, my calendar has no 7s on it.’” - Steven Wright