Stress Ball And Exercising

1 minute read

One of the gifts that I received this Christmas (and probably one of the most used) is a yellow stress ball. The ball has several error messages and annoying phrases that could stress people out. How many have you seen: permission denied, access denied, fault tolerance, FIFO, fatal error, network not available, Internet security warning, network connection error, system unrecoverable, debugging, blue screen of death, pc load letter, need ASAP, think outside the box, offending command, unable to locate printer, unpaid overtime, casual Friday, error #97, a serious error occurred, virus detected, save your work and restart all programs, hacked, glitch, runtime error, syntax error, file application error, out of disk space, out of memory, exceed expectations, team player, disk space full, and password expired.

In other news, I’m not doing very well on one of my New Year’s Resolutions: I thought I was doing great about losing weight. However, I had been starting to suspect that my analog scale wasn’t accurate. Sometimes, it wasn’t going back to zero. So, I tossed it out and got a nice digital scale. Unfortunately, my new scale says that I’m heavier than I thought. However, if my analog scale was consistently incorrect, then I’m still doing well about losing weight.

Well, even if my weight loss isn’t going as quickly as I’d like, regular exercising is having other positive benefits: When I started exercising a few months ago, I had Stage 3 Hypertension. Recently, it has come down between normal and high normal.

Tagline for today: “Smoking cures weight problems, eventually.” - Steven Wright