Valentine’s Day

2 minute read

I hope that everyone had a good Valentine’s Day. Due to some work conflicts, my wife and I weren’t able to go anywhere exciting, but we still had a good time. I bought her a bear holding a vase that contained a red rose. Also, I her a small mailbox that has her name on the outside and a small teddy bear and candy on the inside. Lastly, I got her a six-gallon tin of buttered, cheese and sugar-free caramel popcorn. Since I got such a good deal on the popcorn, I bought a tin for myself. My wife bought me some Jiffy Pop (which we had to test immediately). She also bought me some Pop Rocks, a heart-shaped box of Turtles and a few DVDs.

Since we both had Saturday off, we decided to go to the mall; my wife wanted to get some of those blushing bears at the Hallmark store. The lady said that she only had a few when we called. So, as soon as we got to the store, I asked one of the cashiers if they had any left. She had half a dozen pairs behind her and she started to test them to make sure that they actually lit up. After testing all of the bears she only found one pair that still worked. Whew! We got the last pair! However, after we finished stopping there and left with our purchase, we walked by a display that had at least twenty or thirty pairs of bears. A few left, indeed!

While we were walking in the mall we noticed that Excalibur Gifts was having a sale so we went inside. I found a silver cougar that bears a striking resemblance to my Silver Jaguar logo. At thirty dollars, the piece was a bargain. That is until it rung up at eight dollars. Apparently, everything was 75% off of the marked price. Whoo hoo! I told my wife to grab a second one that was in a different pose. After wandering around the mall for a while, I decided that I wanted two more. So, we went back to the store and got another pair of cougars to match the first pair. Also, my wife picked up a tiger candleholder.

After we got home, we opened up our remaining gifts (clearance items that we bought just after Christmas). My two favorite gifts are a normal-sized Slinky (my prior one got tangled beyond all repair and I’ve been having to use a miniature Slinky) and a color changing water fountain. The fountain lets me control how much water falls as well as the different noises it plays (such as wind chimes and thunder). In all, we had a good weekend.

Tagline for today: “Sometimes people care too much, Piglet. I think it’s called love.” - Winnie the Pooh