Data Recovery

1 minute read

I had one of my hard drives crash on me. Since I had some information that I couldn’t reproduce by any other means, I sent my drive into a data recovery place called DTI Data. I chose them because they only charged if they were able to recover any information. I sent my drive in on May 17th. Last week, they said that they were still waiting on parts. Parts? What parts? They said that they needed the exact same hard drive so that they could provide a head swap. That sounded understandable, I suppose. However, they weren’t able to find the same hard drive. Hmmm…. A quick search on Price Watch brought up a few drives for sale. I recommended to DTI that they search on Price Watch. Today, they call back saying that they were still looking for a drive. I said to ship my drive back to me. If it takes them a few weeks to (not) find a drive, I couldn’t imagine when I’d ever see any recovered data. Of course, what really annoyed me is that I had to pay for the shipping to ship my drive back to me. As soon as I get my drive back, I’m going to send it to OnTrack. They’re they biggest in hard drive recovery. I should have sent it to them first. Ah well.

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