Central Air

1 minute read

We recently got central air installed. Previously we had two window units; one was in our bedroom and the other was in my office. The upstairs one worked great. Unfortunately, since it was close to my desk it was rather loud; I had to turn it off anytime I needed to talk on the phone. Also, it completely blocked the light that would have come through my window. Last night we removed the window units. It was so nice to work this morning with the natural ambient sunlight, instead of using a ceiling light. It will also be nice to see sunsets again. Of course, this will only last while the weather’s good.

Rachel wasn’t feeling good this morning, so I had to pick her up from work. Actually, I had to have my mother-in-law pick me up and take me there (so she didn’t have to leave the truck there). The side benefit is that I was able to drop my final project at the post office a day earlier than I had planned to. Also, I was able to pick up some Chinese food for lunch. It was a nice change of pace (instead of eating a sandwich). Unfortunately, my BBQ spare ribs ended up on the bed and the floor. D’oh!

Tagline for today: “I wrote a song, but I can’t read music so I don’t know what it is. Every once in a while I’ll be listening to the radio and I say, ‘I think I might have written that.’” - Steven Wright