School And Weight Training

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After a couple of years of working on my Associate’s Degree, I’m finally finished! The school received my final project last Friday and I got my grades yesterday. I earned a 100 percent on my final project and my GPA was 3.43. I’m now only waiting on my final transcript and my diploma, but at least there’s nothing else I need to do or worry about.

In anticipation of finishing my Associate’s, I’ve been looking into schools to get my Bachelor’s Degree. I finally decided on Saint Leo University. They weren’t the cheapest school (they were close though) but the degree they offered was more in line with what I wanted to accomplish. I finished all of the paperwork yesterday and will be mailing it out today. This morning, I started to work on my financial aid. The forms (even though they were online) took about a half hour to complete. They were about as complex as some tax forms. Now, there’s nothing that I can do except to wait. If everything works out like I hope, I’ll be starting school in August. Otherwise, I may have to wait until October.

Today began my first day of strength training. I wanted to concentrate on my form, so I used the least amount of weight that I could (five pound dumbbells [heck one of the barbells is at least ten pounds without any weights]). Some of the exercises were fairly easy to complete. Some of them were quite a struggle. I’m not in pain now, but I suspect I’ll feel it more tomorrow. I am, however, concerned about the amount of time it took me to complete the exercises. It took over an hour to do fifteen repetitions of about a dozen different exercises. As my form improved, I suspect that I’ll be able to go through my routine a lot quicker. Then, I’ll work on adding weight and increasing repetitions.

Tagline for today: “For a while I didn’t have a car. I had a helicopter, but no place to park it, so I just tied it to a lamp post and left it running.” - Steven Wright