A Good Weekend

2 minute read

On Thursday, we picked the pictures of Kara and Kelly. It was hard to decide which pose to take out of all four, so we ended up taking all for poses. In fact we ordered more prints of each pose. I think my favorite pose is the one with the autumn background, though the paint can pose is very appropriate for them.

I’ve been trying to start work on my Bachelor’s Degree. Unfortunately, I ran into some problems while applying to Saint Leo. They had denied me admission because my GPA was too low on one of my transcripts: I started working full-time at SoftCell (now United Support Systems) in the middle of a semester at the Santa Rosa Junior College. I choose to work, so I had to drop most of my classes. Since it was so late into the semester, I had to take a failing grade for those classes. This obviously affected my GPA.

Since I’m eager to continue my education, I wrote them an appeal letter. They accepted my appeal and gave me admission on a conditional basis. Their response came late Friday afternoon (coincidently the last day that I could apply for the next semester). With a lot of help from my enrollment advisor, I just made the deadline with less than an hour to spare. I start my first class, an orientation class, on August 30th. If my first few classes go okay I will attempt to appeal my conditional status.

Well, I finally broke down and decided to go wireless. I picked up a wireless router and a wireless card for the laptop. I had a bit of problems installing the wireless card because it kept conflicting with the wireless card I used on my vacation (even though it’s no longer connected). Also, I had a bit of difficulty getting the laptop to see everything else on my network. But, everything is working smoothly now.

When Rachel and I went to pick up our dinner last night, I took the laptop along with me to do some wardriving (essentially driving around looking for other wireless connections). I was kind of surprised to see that there were at least a half a dozen connections in our immediate neighborhood. Since Rachel wouldn’t stop the truck every time I found a connection I could stay connected for very long. I’m not too surprised to see that most (if not all) of the connections that I found were unsecured. If I go wardriving again (and I get Rachel to stop the truck), I’ll send notes to the owners letting them know that they’re “open for business”.

After finally receiving a necessary cable for my camcorder, I was able to download the video from my recent Kentucky trip to the computer. I’m planning to copy the video to a CD so that I can send it out to my newfound relatives.

Tagline for today: “One time the power went out in my house and I had to use the flash on my camera to see my way around. I made a sandwich and took fifty pictures of my face. The neighbors thought there was lightning in my house.” - Steven Wright