License Reinstated

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Rachel got her driver’s license reinstated on Thursday (though we didn’t find out until I called the BMV on Friday). This means that I no longer have to spend two hours of my day (one hour in the morning and one in the evening) driving her to and from work. I do not mind driving her around, however it was disrupting my morning exercise routine.

Last week, we took Kara and Kelly to the first day of their advanced training class at PETsMART. They did okay, but they could have done much better. Rachel and I will need to increase their training time at home. The purpose of this class is to pass the Canine Good Citizen test.

My education is progressing nicely as well. I received a list of the credits that transferred from my prior college work and a list of classes that I still need to take. Now that I have that, I have enrolled for my next class (a basic English class starting October 25th). I figured that I would get all of my general education classes out of the way first.

My ten-year high school class reunion was this weekend. You would have thought that they could have picked a weekend besides the anniversary of World Trade Center attack of September 11, 2001. Anyway, I did not attend. My biggest reason was a lack of funds to travel back to California. My second reason was a lack of interest: There just was not anyone I was dying to see. Ah well. Maybe I’ll go to my twentieth reunion.

Tagline for today: “How come if you mix flour and water together you get glue? And when you add eggs and sugar you get cake? Where does the glue go?” - Rita Rudner