Stitches Removal And Birds

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I know that beagles will eat most everything; lately I have caught one or more of the dogs eating acorns, cicadas, dragonflies and other miscellaneous bugs. Yesterday, however, Kara caught herself a bird. I am not sure what kind it was, but it was about the size of a sparrow (actually, it probably was a sparrow). She ate the bird whole before we could get at her to pull it out of her mouth. Ah well. At least she’s doing okay.

Aside from eating things that they shouldn’t, Kara and Kelly have been doing well in their training class. Now, they are learning how to SIT and STAY while we walk away. Also, they are learning how to STAND and STAY. Lastly, tonight we played musical doggies. We would keep passing all the dogs around our circle. The idea is that the dogs will get used to other people handling them.

Last night, our neighbor’s dog “Zeus” was barking at something. When we went outside to investigate, we didn’t see anything. Upon closer inspection with my new flashlight (that emits one million candle power), I found an opossum in the tree. Unfortunately for the opossum, he picked the tree right next to Zeus’ doghouse. Zeus was still barking at it when I went to sleep, but I imagine that it eventually got away.

On Monday, Rachel got her stitches out. Her thumb is still sore, but it is getting better every day. She wanted me to post a picture of the wound. But I decided that it was a bit too graphic.

Speaking of Rachel and her medical problems, we are still trying to get her BMV records straightened out. She did get her license reinstated. Unfortunately, the medical card that they sent us had her maiden name on it. After a few calls to the BMV, I had thought that we had gotten everything correct. However, when she got the latest medical card, the last name, while being the correct one, was misspelled.

Tagline for today: I’m a white male, age 18 to 49. Everyone listens to me, no matter how dumb my suggestions are.” - Homer Simpson