Id Tags And Inflatables

2 minute read

When we got our dog Emily, we had problems seeing her in our backyard at night. She has a dark coat and at the time we didn’t have much lighting in the back yard. So, we picked up a flashing ID tag at the local PETsMART. The tag is pretty cool. It only lights up when it’s dark and when there is motion. This is exactly what we wanted.

When we got Kara and Kelly, we wanted to get them the same thing. However, when it gets dark, we have very hard time telling the two of them apart (even though Kelly wears a red collar and Kara wears a pink one). Unfortunately, the ID tag only came in the one color. Ah well. We picked up two of them and went home to try them out.

Emily’s tag has lasted well over a year. The tags on Kara and Kelly only lasted a couple of weeks. They started chewing on them. When they finally broke one of them open, I took them away. For the Fourth of July this year, we thought we would get them some patriotic ID tags. These tags weren’t as good as the first ones. While they were motion-activated, they would flash during the day unless we turned them off. Of course, we were only expecting them to last for a few days anyway. I think that they lasted over a week before one of them finally broke off.

The other day at PETsMART, we saw some new flashing tags. They weren’t ID tags, but we just wanted something to make the dogs more visible (all of our dogs have metal ID tags). These tags flashed in different colors (blue and white for Kelly and green and red for Kara). Since these tags were mostly metal, I figured that they would last for quite some time. I was wrong. Kelly had hers on for less than an hour before I noticed it had come apart. To be fair, I think it was because the battery compartment wasn’t screwed on tightly enough. I searched the yard for over an hour but I couldn’t find the missing pieces. They’ll probably turn up in the large pile of leaves that we’ve been accumulating for the past couple of days.

Lastly, I want to complain for a bit. Rachel is a huge Tigger fan. So, when we wanted to decorate the front yard for the holiday season, I bought some large inflatable Tiggers for the yard. I bought them from I placed my order on August 4, but I didn’t get my entire order until the other day. I had sent an e-mail checking on the status of my order, but all I got was a rude reply. I hope they don’t treat all of their (ex) customers this way.

Tagline for today: “I went camping and borrowed a circus tent by mistake. I didn’t notice until I got it set up. People complained because they couldn’t see the lake.” - Steven Wright