Waiting In Chicago

1 minute read

When we woke up this morning, Rachel and I did not feel like having breakfast (we were still full from last night’s dinner). So, we skipped breakfast, took our showers, and got all of our stuff ready to disembark.

We were only an hour and a half late coming into Chicago. We checked our luggage in at the first class lounge and then proceeded to find something to eat. Many of the places were closed so we ended up eating at McDonald’s. By a strange coincidence, the couple who we met on the westbound train was sitting at the table next to us. We chatted for a few minutes before wishing each other good luck on the rest of our journeys.

Since we had some spare time, Rachel and I did a bit of sightseeing. It was easy. The Sears Tower is just outside the Amtrak station. We took a couple of pictures outside before going back inside the lounge to wait for our last train.

We ended up sitting there and playing Uno. Unfortunately, I dropped some of the cards while shuffling. We had to stop our game and count to make sure we were not missing any cards. After counting twice, we discovered that we were indeed missing one card. We looked around us, but we could not find the missing card. I had to go to the bathroom, so Rachel said she would continue looking while I was gone.

You would think that you would not see anything exciting in the bathroom. You would be wrong. I saw automatic toilet seat covers. The cover encased the seat. When you pressed a button, the used cover would disappear and a clean cover would take its place.

After my quick bathroom trip and stopping to get a drink, I made my way back to Rachel. She did not have any luck with the card hunting. I finally had to move the couch I was sitting on before we found the missing card. By this time, we did not want to play any more. It was almost time for our next train to leave, but we did not want to take a chance at losing any more cards.

Tagline for today: “When I was a kid, I went to the store and ask the guy, ‘Do you have any toy train schedules?’” - Steven Wright