Spring Forward

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I hope that everyone remembered to “spring forward” his or her clocks an hour for Daylight Saving. We changed all of our clocks last night. Therefore, after turning off this morning’s alarm, I “fell back” to bed. I also hope that nobody was badly pranked on April Fool’s Day.

This past week has been a relatively quiet week. I finally finished ripping my CD collection (converting from the CD audio format to MP3). Since I am normally by a computer, having all of my CDs in MP3 format makes it easy for me to listen to any song that I want. In addition, it takes about one twelfth of hard drive storage space. Now, I have just over three thousand songs in my collection. Of course, the ripping process only takes a few minutes per CD. What takes a long time is making sure that all of the information (Artist, Album, Song, etc.) is correct.

Recently, I got my financial aid for school straightened out. While I do not mind the occasional break, I am extremely anxious to start again. As a member of the Computer Science Association and the Business Association, I still keep contact with my schoolmates on a regular basis.

While driving our Durango has been fun, we were having a problem with the hatch. Sometimes when we set the alarm, the hatch would not lock. But, then alarm would sound when the hatch was opened. Locking the hatch with the key got around the problem. However, that defeats the point of being able to remotely lock the vehicle. It would be exceptionally annoying when Rachel and I finished shopping. Often, I would open the hatch (setting off the alarm) before she got a chance to disarm the alarm. After a quick stop at the repair shop, we are good to go again.

Last Tuesday, some family members and I attended a memorial service sponsored by New Live Hospice. It was for people that Hospice had helped during the passing of loved ones. We took time to remember my father-in-law, Kenny; Rachel’s grandfather, Ray W.; and several other people.

Tagline for today: “My grandfather gave me a watch. It doesn’t have any hands or numbers. He says it’s very accurate. I asked him what time it was. You can guess what he told me.” - Steven Wright