Birthday Party Remix

2 minute read

This week was a bit more exciting than the previous week. Of course, exciting does not necessarily mean enjoyable. On Tuesday, I had two filling replaced. Even though half my mouth and tongue were numb for a few hours, it did not seem like they used enough novocaine. It felt like they hit a nerve or two.

On Wednesday (when I could feel my tongue again), we went to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream. As a member of their birthday club, I got some free ice cream. Seeing how it was near my birthday, I choose their “Birthday Cake Remix” creation. It was extremely tasty (and filling).

Yesterday it was back to the dentist to replace the remainder of my fillings. Well, that was the plan anyway. The dentist only did two fillings. He did not realize that I scheduled to have them all done until I was out of the chair and paying the bill. He said he would be happy to finish, but I did not feel like getting another shot of novocaine at the time. So, I will go back again next week. I hope that will be the last trip until my regularly scheduled cleaning.

That evening we had planned a birthday dinner with family and friends. I was still a bit nauseous and sore, but I decided to go anyway. How often does one turn 30 anyway? Rachel said that I could have stayed home while she went and video taped it for me.

The meal was pleasant. I stuck to things that I could chew without much difficulty. Unfortunately, due to some temporary cold sensitivity with the new fillings, I had to pass on the ice cream. (It was not like I needed any anyway.)

After dinner, I was able to open some of my gifts. I received a book about the many ways to use duct tape along with a roll of duct tape. I also received another pack of soda from Rachel. This time, it was the Love Potion pack. It included two bottles of Love Potion #6 soda, lip balm, a CD, and a book of Love Coupon. In addition, Rachel got me a set of shot glasses, and a puzzle-shaped serving tray. (I sense a theme here.) The tray holds four puzzle-piece-coasters that light up when you put something on them.

Today we spent some birthday money at the movie theater. We saw “The Da Vinci Code.” I have not read the book yet, but Rachel did. Aside from being a bit on the long side, the movie was rather enjoyable. After the movie, the two of us took a survey for a new movie coming out. We finished our day at Cold Stone. This time I got “Monkey Bites.”

Tagline for today: “I replaced the headlights on my car with strobe lights. Now it looks like I’m the only one moving.” - Steven Wright