Super Sunday

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Today was the Super Bowl. As I am writing this entry a few days late, I cannot remember who was actually playing. (My wife, who must have a good memory, said it was the Colts vs. the Bears.) At any rate, we TiVoed the game just to watch the commercials. I do remember that the team who ended up losing returned the opening kick for a touch down. I remember some of the commercials too. But, I only remember them because I had seen them before. Overall, it was a disappointment.

The weather was more exciting than the game. The thermometer got down to 0.1 degrees. To top it off, it was highly windy. I think that with the wind chill, the temperature was in the negative twenties. There was even a weather alert issued about it.

Tagline for today: “I was once arrested for resisting arrest.” - Steven Wright