Mp3 Mania

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I am an eccentric music lover. At last count, I had about three thousand songs in my collection of MP3s ripped from CDs. I could listen to my collection twenty-four hours a day for over a week before the songs started to repeat. The big problem with my collection is that at just over ten gigabytes, it takes up a lot of real estate on my hard drive. As my currently MP3 player can only hand a handful of songs, I figured it was time for an upgrade.

I got a Creative Zen Vision:M 60 GB MP3 player. As the name of the player indicates, it holds sixty gigabytes. So, I have been busy organizing my collection, getting it ready for transfer. With the MP3 player, I also received a free month of Napster. So far, I have downloaded nearly six thousand songs, more than tripling my collection. Of course, I probably will not keep all of those songs. If I saw a song I liked, I downloaded the whole album.

Tagline for today: “My roommate got a pet elephant. Then it got lost. It’s in the apartment somewhere.” - Steven Wright