Independence Day 2007

1 minute read

As always, I hope that everyone had a safe holiday yesterday and that you did not lose any fingers and toes. When I was in Pennsylvania last week, I was tempted to bring home some fireworks. But, without money, it is hard to buy fireworks.

Rachel and I went to her mother’s house for some food. I probably ate enough where I will not have to eat for the rest of the week. And, even though we did not light any fireworks, Rachel and I still had a good time. We played badminton for a while. We do not use a net or keep score. We just try to keep the shuttlecocks off the roof.

When we got home, I played with my green laser pointer outside. With all of the smoke from the fireworks, the beam was very visible. Of course, the laser is fairly powerful to begin with.

Still having money issues, Rachel and I have been looking for ways to spend less money. One way we are trying to save money is by buying groceries at warehouse clubs and discounts stores. Anyway, I recently found out that you could buy non-perishable items from’s Grocery Store. Their prices are sometimes cheaper than other stores and we save some money on gas. In addition, you can “subscribe” to items. For example, you can buy a 60-cup package of Kellogg’s cereal and have it automatically delivered every two months. You end up saving 15% on subscribed items.

Tagline for today: “I have my standards. They may be low, but I have them.” - Bette Midler