Memorial Day

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I hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend. I did not do too much. I mostly stayed inside and worked on school work. I am off of work for the next couple of weeks. So, I am hoping that things will stay quiet.

I am currently studying for my Microsoft 70-536: .NET Framework 2.0 Application Development Foundation exam. I have studied for other certification exams before. However, usually by the time I am ready to take the exam, there is an updated exam. I am finally forcing myself to take an exam (tomorrow!). I am very nervous. I think that I will do well. However, if I do not pass, I will try to take it next week. If and when I pass, I will finally be on my way to be a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Since I am feeling better since my treadmill accident, I wanted to start jogging again. I did not get far. One of the circuit boards is fried. Now, I have to wait for a replacement. I may have to go outside for a change.