Sitting In Traffic

less than 1 minute read

On the way to work, I hear about an accident on the radio. The accident must have been a big one as officials blocked three of the traffic lanes. Sure enough, traffic halted once I was a few miles away from the scene. So, I sat back and watched other stupid drivers. Of course, there were the usual idiots trying to get ahead by driving in the emergency lane. I saw one driver drive across the median and head the other way on the freeway. On one of the on ramps, I saw a number of people either backup or make a U-turn. As I keep listening to the radio, it seems that this accident precipitated a number of other accidents in the area (probably due to more stupid people).

At an hour, my commute is long enough. Doubling my commute time definitely annoys me. However, I am not going to drive recklessly just to get to my destination a few minutes faster.

After listening to the most recent traffic report, it looks like someone was going faster than 100 mph. The driver hit a guardrail and was killed. Again, more stupid people.