New Year’s 2009

3 minute read

I hope everyone had a good holiday. Unlike most years, Rachel and I actually dressed up and went out to celebrate. It is the first time since our wedding since she has worn a dress! She looked wonderful in it. She will probably post the pictures we took on her site.

We had dinner at The Melting Pot. They had a special New Year’s Eve menu. The night started with a half bottle of Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante. We then had a choice of cheese fondues. We decided to go with the French Onion Swiss. It was quite similar to French Onion soup. It was also quite good.

The second course was the salad course. We both had the Crisp Spinach with Goat Cheese salad. In addition to the spinach and goat cheese, the salad had onions, feta cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, and nuts. Rachel would normally only eat the onions and nuts. But, she tried it. She even had a mushroom, even though she usually abhors “fungi.”

The third course was the entrée course. It had Lobster Tail, Garlic & Herb Filet Mignon, Italian Chicken, Lemon Shrimp, Gorgonzola & Spinach Ravioli, Citrus Marinated Pork, and Saffron Sea Scallops. The only seafood Rachel will eat is tuna salad. She does not like eating seafood if it is not mixed with something else. But, in the spirit of the evening, she tried a bit of lobster.

The final course was the chocolate fondue course. We choose the Wild Raspberry Chocolate. It was white chocolate with raspberries and flavoring. Normally the dessert course is heavy. But, the raspberry chocolate was both light and refreshing.

After dining, we stopped at my mother-in-law’s work to show off Rachel and to chat a bit. Then, we went to Rachel’s work. A number of coworkers were shocked. I guess when you see someone wear red and khaki everyday any change can be shocking.

Like past years, it is time for some reflection. Last year’s resolution was to “beat my record for the number of consecutive days of being alive.” I obviously beat my previous record. This year, I want to finish my Bachelor’s degree. At the current rate, I should finish by summer. Of course, with a new job starting up, I might not have as much free time as I used to have. My other goal for this year is to lose at least twenty pounds. Actually, I want to lose a lot more. But, that is the most that Wii Fit will let me enter.

Last January, I did some business traveling; Rachel turned thirty and celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese; and I started at a new school.

In February, we celebrated Valentine’s Day and had to do major vehicle repairs.

In March, ice storms ruined our gutters; snow delayed our travels; and I had a treadmill accident.

In April, we took Kara to the hospital.

In May, I locked myself out of my vehicle; we finally got a Wii; and we switched to Vonage.

In June, I became a Microsoft Certified Professional; we did the American Diabetes Associate Tour de Cure ride for the third year in a row; I won my school’s programming competition; and I earned my Microsoft Certified Professional Developer certification.

In July, we celebrated our country’s independence; got my treadmill working again; and became sidetracked on the way to work.

In August, I made bread from scratch and Rachel made cornbread.

In September, my employer (and I) won an award; Rachel and I watched the sun set on Lake Erie; I dodged jury duty; and we volunteered for the 15th Annual Komen Northeast Ohio Race for the Cure.

In October, both Rachel and her mom went to the hospital; I lost my job; the first snow of the season fell; and we avoided Halloween.

In November, Barack Obama became President-Elect; the city finally repaired the water leak in front of our house; a squirrel beat up Kelly; Rachel and I celebrated seven years of marriage; and we celebrated Thanksgiving.

In December, our candle exploded; someone fraudulently used our credit cards; Rachel went back to the hospital; we won Anniversary Couple of the Day; and we celebrated Christmas.

At first, 2008 seemed like a crummy year. After reflection, however, it was a decent year. I look forward to 2009 and the challenges it will bring.