New Year’s 2010

1 minute read

Every start of a new year, it is a weird feeling to write a different year on documents and such. It is even weirder to write years in a different decade. As with most years, the prior year seems to have flown by.

This month, I celebrated my one year anniversary at Cuyahoga Community College. I think it is wonderful to work with not only a good team. But, it is also inspiring to know you have a part in helping educate and improve the community. I still like going to work each day and I look forward to many years to come.

This month we also celebrated Rachel’s birthday. We went to Red Robin where the staff unexpectedly celebrated her “twenty-first” birthday. While I am sure she did not like the attention, it did not prevent her from enjoying the free ice cream.

A few weeks ago I visited some of my former coworkers at GED Integrated Solutions. The poor housing market has greatly impacted them. But, I was glad to see them still plugging away. I did not enjoy the hour plus daily commute. But, I loved working there as well.

One of my goals last year was to finish my Bachelor’s degree. I am proud to announce that I recently met that goal. Well, sort of. I finished my last two classes in December. However, I have to pay the school about $10K before I actually receive my diploma. I am trying to work with the school, but no luck so far. I tried to get a co-signer to a student loan. But, that did not work either.

One of my other goals was to lose twenty pounds. Had I exercised consistently, that might have happened. But, I did at least maintain my current weight. Actually, this past month I have been following my exercise plan. I wish the pounds would melt away. But, I am happy with a constant drip. Even if I continue to only loose a pound and a half a week, I will still hit my goal.