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My birthday is coming up. That means it is time to renew the registration on our vehicles. I was able to renew mine online. But, my wife’s vehicle needs an e-check first. Since the start of the pandemic and subsequently being furloughed, my wife hasn’t done much driving. While this may be better for the environment, not using the vehicle drains the battery.

I went out to the garage to check on the battery and put it on a charger if needed. Just before I opened the driver-side door, I noticed something weird on the passenger side. The ladders usually hanging on the wall were leaning against her vehicle. Well, we did have strong winds the other day. I suppose with enough wind, the garage could have shaken enough to make the ladders fall.

When I went to the passenger side, I noticed some minor dents and scratches. But, I also saw more things that had been knocked from the wall. As I completed my circuit around the vehicle, I heard a faint rustling. I looked up to track the noise and came face-to-face with a cat!

I don’t know how long the poor creature had been in there. We suspect that the cat may have moseyed in one day when the door was open and didn’t get out before the door was shut.

At any rate, we both scared each other, and it ran off. I hope the cat finds its home!