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Today I received the first dose of my COVID-19 vaccine. I could have received it a bit sooner. But, since my wife and I are still in isolation, it wasn’t critical that we received it immediately. We knew it would happen eventually and would patiently wait our time.

I could have received my first dose a bit sooner. But, I was concerned that my wife might have some reactions. So, we staggered our doses out of caution. Fortunately, it seems that the worst she had was a sore shoulder and a week of being abnormally tired. Some people have a worse reaction at the second dose, so we’re still hoping for the best.

At least, the two of us will be done with vaccines in about a month. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop the ongoing talk about vaccines. “Have you scheduled your vaccine yet?” “We had a COVID-related incident. Here are details, and here is how we responded.” “Here’s information about scheduling for a vaccine.” “Are you vaccinated?”

I bristle at the last question. As long as being vaccinated isn’t an employment requirement and I’m self-isolating, it shouldn’t matter. I am not a lawyer, but I’m unsure if employers can ask this if it is not an employment requirement.

I don’t disagree with mask-wearing or vaccination, as I’m clearly doing both. It’s just too much communication; I’m suffering from pandemic overcommunication fatigue. It would be great if I could opt-out of this communication for now.