Since I was on vacation on Monday, we decided to go to Cedar Point for the day. Actually, we planned to go over the weekend. But, with the current pandemic restrictions in place, we had to make reservations.

It was the first time we had gone on a regular park day since 2019. My wife is a big fan of Cedar Point after having worked there for many years. I’m not much of a roller coaster rider. But, both of us like walking around and spinning PokeStops. CP definitely has a lot of stops!

Since my wife was already a platinum pass holder, I decided to get their new gold pass in 2019. It was less expensive than the platinum pass. But, I would have to wait thirty minutes longer than her to get into the park. (She, of course, would always wait for me.) In addition, the gold pass had a special deal that included all of 2020.

So, we spent a bunch of time at the park in 2019. Within two or three trips, the passes had more than paid off. Since it was only a 40-minute drive, it was a fun thing to do on the weekends.

Then, 2020 hit. We were able to attend the 2020 Winter Chill Out event in February. The event gives behind-the-scenes access to rides and park operations. We also get a decent lunch and some CP swag. The event also benefits A Kid Again.

I found a video from someone else who was at the same event, though at an early time of day:

Rachel and I didn’t make this video. But, I saw my car in the parking lot. He also mentions the Legacy Walk in the video. So, we were able to find our brick, even though it was too bright out to take a decent picture.

Shortly after the Winter Chill Out in 2020, the pandemic hit, and things started shutting down. We, unfortunately, weren’t able to use our passes at all in 2020. 😟

Fortunately, Cedar Point gracefully extended everyone’s passes through 2021. So, now that the pandemic is starting to wind down, we felt a little comfortable going this week.

While the park was not filled to capacity, it was the most amount of people we had been around for quite some time. Though the employees all wore masks, virtually no one else did. (If you were fully vaccinated, masks weren’t required outside.) It was definitely weird not wearing masks.

The only regret I had is not getting decent coverage with sunscreen. But, we otherwise had a good day.