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It has been a while since I’ve written, as I have been doing other things. I’ve been staying away from various social media platforms. While I like being in the know, these platforms often incur anger rather than satiating a need to be connected.

I am also reticent to talk about my job. It isn’t a lack of love for what I do. I’m still navigating working at a publicly-traded company and want my perceptions to be consistent with the view of the larger organization. That said, I still enjoy what I do and am excited about future things.

Similarly, I am reticent to talk about my teaching experience. I’m not likely to run afoul of a FERPA violation. But I don’t want to share positive or negative experiences without getting permission from those involved. I do keep my LinkedIn profile updated with the classes I teach. The pool of IT-related courses I can teach continues to expand.

I have been following the latest craze with ChatGPT. I’m not worried that it’ll put me out of a job shortly. But, it is a gentle reminder that we must continue growing our knowledge and skillset to adapt more readily. Thinking about your job’s human/social aspects is essential, as AI may not readily replace these.

In my exploration of ChatGPT, I had it help me write an application to manage spam. The application scans my Spam folder, forwards spam emails to SpamCop, and then processes any SpamCop responses. It took multiple prompts and prodding before we ended up with a viable application. But it is still a helpful tool in the toolkit.