Happy Birthday Rachel

1 minute read

My parents-in-law and I celebrated my wife’s birthday yesterday at the Texas Roadhouse. This was my second or third time there (I don’t remember). The place is a bit nosy and the atmosphere is a bit more like a bar than a restaurant. However, they have great food. I had a nice 10-ounce rib-eye steak and a baked sweet potato loaded with marshmallows and caramel sauce. I probably set my weight-loss goal back a few pounds but it was worth it.

We got to embarrass my wife by having all of the servers come out and announce to the restaurant that it was her birthday. Also, they made her a hat out of balloons (which I made her wear so I could take her picture). I’m expecting her revenge any day now.

Afterwards we went to my parents-in-law’s house to have some ice cream cake and to watch her unwrap her presents. I’m not sure what her favorite present is, but I’ve been eyeing the cotton candy machine.

Tagline for today: “My grandmother has a bumper sticker on her car that says, ‘Sexy Senior Citizen’. You don’t want to think of your grandmother that way, do you? Out entering wet shawl contests. Makes you wonder where she got that dollar she gave you for your birthday.” - Andy Rooney