Faucet, Wrong Number And Cotton Candy

3 minute read

Since my wife had to work Friday night, I thought that would be a great time to install the faucet. I turned off the water to the house and let the remaining water in the lines drain out. The hot water supply line came out with no problems (probably because I had already taken it out a few days prior). The cold water supply line was a bit more difficult. I was able to disconnect the end that connects to the water supply, but I had several difficulties disconnecting the faucet end. I decided just to remove the old faucet with the supply line intact.

After I had the faucet out I had quite a mess on my hand. Between the faucet and the sink there was a lot of old plumber’s putty. I probably spent a half hour removing the putty. It was especially difficult without running water. I was tempted to use some melted snow.

Putting the new faucet in went a lot smoother (and quicker) then removing the old one. After I got everything in, I turned the water back on. So far nothing was leaking. However, when I turned on the faucet, water started to spray everywhere. It turns out that I was missing a washer between the spray hose and the sprayer. After I got the washer in, everything seemed just fine. But, as I was testing out the sprayer, I realized that the hose kept catching on some of the pipe work. I should have run the hose in front of the hot water supply instead of behind it. I had to shut off the water again to move hot water supply line.

Since I couldn’t completely tighten the faucet (I needed one person above the sink and one person below), I decided to start work on the soap dispenser. The dispenser went in fairly quick. Actually, it went in too quick. There was a piece I needed inside the soap container so I had to remove the dispenser to retrieve it. In all, I think everything turned out pretty good. I think I only spent about two hours getting the faucet and the soap dispenser in.

Yesterday, on the way back from dinner, my wife’s cell phone started to ring. Since she didn’t recognize the number I answered the phone for her. The woman on the other end seemed like she knew me so she started to tell me about her day. I told that I had been out partying and drinking. Since she didn’t want me drinking and driving (in reality I was doing neither), I told her I’d pull over and call her back. She must have gotten worried because she called back an hour later looking for someone named “Kamal”. So, if you reading this Kamal, I hope you didn’t get into too much trouble. :)

Today, my wife and I tightened the faucet. We also replaced the gasket to our garbage disposal. Considering that this was the first time for both of us and since we didn’t have many instructions, I think that we did great.

Since we did everything that we had planned for the weekend, we spent some time breaking in the cotton candy machine. My wife had spent several years at Cedar Point making cotton candy so this was nothing new for her. However, it was a wonderful treat for me. Even though the candy came out white (instead of a more traditional pink or blue) it tasted just as good. The only downside (maybe its an upside) is that we could consume the candy faster than the machine could make it. Next time, we’re going to see if we can use a sugar substitute (like Splenda) to make calorie-free cotton candy.

Tagline for today: “I saw this movie about a bus that had to SPEED around a city, keeping its SPEED over fifty, and if its SPEED dropped, it would explode! I think it was called ‘The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down’.” - Homer Simpson