Fencing And Wiring

2 minute read

Well, it’s another rainy day in Lorain. Of course, that’s not too unusual. Fortunately, we got most of the cement work done around our new gate. We still have to do a bit of patching though. Since it rained shortly after we finished pouring the concrete, there’s a small indentation that needs to be fixed.

Speaking of fences, my wife and I have decided to get a privacy fence for part of our property. Our neighbors have a habit of throwing gum and other debris onto our property. We’re getting tired of having to pick stuff up and prying stuff from our dogs’ mouths. Although, with as much rain as we’re getting right now, I’m not sure if the fencing company really wants to come out today to give an estimate. (Of course, as I’m writing this, the weather is clearing up again.)

Since our neighbor’s house caught on fire (the one mentioned above), I’ve been concerned with the wiring in our house. I had tested several outlets and found that most of them we’re grounded properly or that they weren’t grounded at all. When my father-in-law and I were running some new wiring, we found that the GFCI (Ground Fault Current Interrupter) outlets in the kitchen were “grounded” to a water pipe. However, the water pipe converted to PVC before it actually reached the ground.

The crew from PM Lighting & Electric came out and did a wonderful job. They had originally planned to work for two or three days. However with the outdated wiring and such, the ended up spending over a week to get everything repaired. They did a bunch of work: Installed a new meter and panel (with all of the circuit breakers properly labeled); a new outlet for the dryer (it was hanging out of the wall); GFCI outlets in both bathrooms (previously, we had to use the outlets that were built into the light fixtures); separate circuits for the washer, refrigerator, stove and microwave; ran new wire to most of the outlets in the house; redid all of the wiring in the garage; added three security lights; and added a GFCI outlet outside (now we have something to plug our Christmas lights into). Now, I’m not as worried about the wiring in the house.

Tagline for today: “I was going to tape some records onto a cassette, but I got the wires backwards. I erased the all of the records. When I returned them to my friend, he said, ‘hey, these records are all blank.’” - Steven Wright