Out Of The Hospital

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Kelly’s doing much better. When we took her to the hospital, she just sat on our laps, hardly moving. When we picked her up this morning, she was moving around a lot. She was even wagging her tail again. The doctor found a plastic bag in her stomach. Rachel and I didn’t recognize the bag, but we suspect that it came from our neighbors (it isn’t the first time we’ve had their trash in our yard). Kelly’s still a bit lethargic (due to the medication) and she has to eat different food for a few days. But, she should be fine by the end of the week. The only thing she’ll miss is her first day of training today.

I had been doing exercises on a regular basis for quite a few months now. However, the website work I got my new workout plans each week (www.workoutplan.com) is apparently no longer operating. I suppose that I’ll have to find a new website that does free workout plans. I’ve found a few already that charge, but I’m too frugal (cheap) to pay.

sunset at Yanni’sI took a picture of the sunset from the parking lot at Yanni’s. We were within walking distance to the shore. However, after a very filling meal, we decided to just stay in the car.

To prevent again further data loss, I invested in a Maxtor One Touch drive. The drive holds about 300 gigabytes of data. This is more than enough to backup my home computer, work computer and laptop. The only downside is that I have to manually connect it to each computer that I want to backup. The main feature of the drive is a single button on the front. When you press it, it automatically backs up the files that you select. What I really like about the drive is that the button on the front has a couple of blue LEDs built in to it. In my office, most of the LEDs are either greed or red. It’s nice to see a different color once in awhile.

Tagline for today: “In Vegas, I got into a long argument with the man at the roulette wheel over what I considered to be an odd number.” - Steven Wright