Happy Father’s Day

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Last night I received a card and the first season of A-Team on DVD from Rachel. That should last me a few days. Today, from my dogs, I received a new shirt and a box of chocolates (which probably won’t last the night). This afternoon my parents-in-law, my grandparents-in-law, Rachel and I went out to lunch at Yanni’s. Yanni’s, if I haven’t mentioned is a great place to eat. I don’t think we have had a bad meal yet.

One of our dogs, Kelly, isn’t been doing so well. Last night, after we got by from dinner at Yanni’s (did I say how good it is?) we noticed that Kelly had been throwing up in her crate. We figured that she probably ate something in the yard that she wasn’t supposed to (Beagles are know for thinking everything is food). So, we decided to see if it would pass. Today, she still was throwing up (though not as much). But, she wasn’t eating any food or drinking hardly any water. We took her to the emergency room before she got any worse.

The doctor said that he felt a blockage in her stomach. We had x-rays done, but the object must not have been very dense because nothing showed on the x-rays. I’m betting that it’s a piece of bark. They are keeping her overnight to remove the blockage. They’re planning to stick a camera down Kelly’s throat to see what the blockage is and if they can remove it. If that doesn’t work they’ll have to cut into her stomach. Hopefully we’ll know something within the next few hours. I think Kelly just doesn’t want to do her pet training.

I’ve been doing well on my reading, probably too well. I’m halfway through re-reading On A Pale Horse (my favorite book of all time by the way). I decided to stop reading this series (The Incarnations Of Immortality) until I have a few more books in that series. In the Xanth series, I’ve finished re-reading, A Spell For Chameleon, The Source Of Magic, and I’m nearly finished with Castle Roogna (books number one, two and three respectively). I got hooked on Piers Anthony in the eighth grade when my friend’s mother read me part of Night Mare, the sixth book in the Xanth series. I stopped reading after Roc And A Hard Place (book number nineteen). But now that I have more time (and a larger bookshelf), I’m looking forward to reading again.

Tagline for Today: “Whenever I fill out an application, in the part that says ‘If an emergency, notify:’ I put ‘DOCTOR’. What’s my mother going to do?” - Steven Wright