Rachel’s Birthday And Emily’s Graduation

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On Tuesday, Rachel and I decided to do some shopping. I had run out of paper in the midst of a printing job. Also, we decided to spend the gift cards that we received during Christmas. We went to Best Buy to pick up a couple reams of paper. Rachel got a copy of Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 (for her birthday). Then, we went to Waldenbooks (I was almost starting to run out of books to read). We picked up a couple of 2005 calendars at a calendar store. Lastly, we had a nice meal at Bennigan’s. I had never been there, as the parking lot always looks full. In retrospect, most of the cars probably belonged to employees of the nearby Staples. Now that I know we can order takeout from there, we might go more often.

Wednesday was a bit hectic. We are in the process of trying to refinance our home. The appraiser came to our house around noon. Shortly after the appraiser left, the loan officer came. I wish that I did not have to refinance. However, unless I get more income, the second best option is to reduce my debt (or at least transfer as much as I can to a lower interest rate). In the evening, Rachel, her parents and I went out to dinner to celebrate Rachel’s birthday. Rachel got a few more Tiggers for her birthday.

After dinner, we went to Emily’s graduation. I post a copy of her graduation picture as soon as we get it from the instructor. We decided that we are not going to enroll her in another class until Kara and Kelly can take the Canine Good Citizen test (maybe sometime in February). We also want to wait until the weather gets a bit nicer. We had been planning to enroll her in the advanced class. However, one of the requirements for passing is that she can be sociable around other dogs and people. She tends to snip at other dogs that she does not know yet. So, we will probably enroll her in a different class so she can better work on her social skills.

Tagline for today: “My aunt gave me a walkie-talkie for my birthday. She says if I’m good, she’ll give me the other one next year.” - Steven Wright