Accident And Trees

1 minute read

After sliding off the road less than a month ago, on Saturday Rachel managed to duplicate her performance. Fortunately, she was not hurt this time either. However, the truck did not fare so well. The front bumper is shifted a few inches to the right and the left front turn signal does not work. Our insurance company (Farmers) was very easy to deal with in reporting the claim. In fact, I reported the claim online. Within an hour, a claims adjuster gave me a call to get further detail. A couple minutes later, our local representative also gave us a call to make sure no one was hurt.

Today, we dropped off our truck for repairs and picked up a rental car. It is somewhat weird to be in a car after being in a truck for several years. I hope that the repair shop completes the repairs quickly. They are going to call us tomorrow to let us know how long they are going to take.

Aside from creating ice on the road, the winter weather does make the trees look nicer. I took a picture of our neighbor’s yard (and their dog “Zeus”). I tried taking some pictures of the trees on our property, but the snow does not show up from underneath. Of course, too much snow on the trees can cause problems. I took a picture of a tree at my parents-in-law’s house. The poor tree is suffering from too much snow.

Tagline for today: “One day, when I came home from work, I accidentally put my car key in the door of my apartment building. I turned it, and the whole building started up. So I drove it around. A policeman stopped me for going too fast. He said, ‘Where do you live?’ I said, ‘Right here!’ Then I drove my building onto the middle of a highway, and I ran outside, and told all of the cars to get the hell out of my driveway.” - Steven Wright