Back To Work

1 minute read

Just after 1:00 PM, Rachel and I decided to grab some lunch and head towards my office. We made a quick stop at a nearby Taco Bell / Pizza Hut express before journeying to the office. As the office moved since I was last in California and since I was a bit hazy on the office’s location, I put a call into Roy. He told us to head north on 101 and take the Mendocino / Hopper exit. However, going north that exit says Mendocino / Old Redwood Hwy. I could not remember if there was another exit. We ended up turning around at the next exit.

Roy gave us the grand tour of the new office. There is more space, but the office is not as nice as the previous one. In addition, the new office is not in as nice of a neighborhood. Rachel and I sat down to each lunch while I talked with my coworkers for about an hour and a half. They had a bit of work that they needed me to do, so I told them that I would work on it when I got back to the motel.

Tagline for today: “I put my air conditioner in backwards. It got cold outside. The weatherman on TV was confused. ‘It was supposed to be hot today.’” - Steven Wright