More Reunions

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Around 10:00 AM, I called my mom, Ellen, to see how things were going. We talked for a while before I told her that I was busy and that I would have to call her back. She said that she would be at the house for a while. I then called Roy and told him to come over to the motel so we could go over and surprise her and Fred, my step dad.

Roy followed us to the house. Rachel and I waited a few houses down while Roy went to the door. Fred was a bit surprised to see Roy. Then, Roy said that he brought some friend with him. Rachel and I came out of our hiding place and surprised him. While we were there, we got to see my niece Briana. However, Ellen was not there; she had gone to her job at Santa Rosa Christian School.

Roy had to go back to work, so Rachel and I drove to the school. It had been several years since I been to the school. They had added an additional parking lot since my last trip. As we finally made our way to the correct parking lot, Rachel spotted Ellen. I guess that Ellen had just got out of her car. Rachel was hiding her face and telling me to go slower so that Ellen would not spot us. We found a parking spot and got out of the car.

I walked up behind Ellen, and said, “Excuse me.” She stopped walking and turned around. She did not recognize us at first. Then, she dropped her purse, ran over to us, and gave us many hugs. Rachel and I then followed Ellen to the snack bar where she worked (and where I once worked many years ago).

She had me fill up the two drink machines. In addition, Rachel and I did some of the prep work. While Rachel and I were filling up the drink machines, my mom called Patti, one of the staff members who had been working there since I went to school. My mom told Patti that she had two people in her kitchen that did not want to leave. Patti, of course, was surprised when she saw who the “intruders” really were. We talked for a bit, and then she had to go back to work. While my mom was serving lunches to the third graders, she told my nephew Cody that he was in “big trouble” and that he needed to step inside for his “punishment.” He was very surprised to see Rachel and I. We hugged and talked for a bit before he headed back to lunch.

Our next stop was the Santa Rosa Target store. Rachel and I needed to do a bit of shopping. In addition, she wanted to see if she could spot some former coworkers. As we were walking down one of the aisles Rachel spotted Shelly, one of her cohorts in Food Ave. As we were walking through the store, she also spotted Ron, Vanessa, Donna, and a few other people that I cannot remember.

Tagline for today: “I had my coat hangers spayed.” - Steven Wright