Last Day In A Hotel

2 minute read

Today is the last day in a hotel room before Rachel and I get back on a train. We are eager to get back home after being on vacation for so long. But, at the same time, we do not want our vacation to end.

We started our day with room service again. Then, we dressed ourselves and packed our luggage. Finally, we headed downstairs. Our first stop was the car rental station. The night before we had parked our rental car in the appropriate spot. So, we only needed to turn in the keys.

Our next stop was across the lobby at the bellhop’s desk. As our train was not scheduled to leave for a few hours, we decided to leave our luggage at the hotel. Since we were still in the lobby, we also checked out of our room.

We went to the Circus Circus Midway again to try our luck at the racing game. Again, Rachel won most of the time. Nevertheless, I still had fun trying to outrace her. At another gaming station, I had better luck than she did. The object of the game was to toss a ping-pong ball so that it landed and stayed within a cup. I won a stuffed frog, while Rachel did not win anything.

We stopped our fun for a lunch break. Then, we walked outside the casinos through “Street Vibrations.” Some of the displays were intriguing, but there were too many people to deal with. We ended up going back inside the Silver Legacy for more gambling.

It must have been the food, but I was a bit more focused when I started playing blackjack again. I at least doubled my money within a half hour. Then, I hit three sevens on a slot machine. It was only a thousand quarters, but two hundred and fifty dollars is nothing to sneeze at. It is not the most money I have ever won at a slot machine, but it is the closest I have ever been to hitting the maximum payout.

Since it was getting closer to our departure time, we started to wrap everything up. We went back to Circus Circus to redeem all of our gaming tickets. We ended up with three bags filled with stuffed animals. We picked up bags from the bellhop’s desk, and caught a taxi to the train station.

Tagline for today: “If you were going to shoot a mime, would you use a silencer?” - Steven Wright