Let The Gambling Begin

2 minute read

Rachel and I woke up later than we normally do; we were on vacation and did not really have anything important to do. We started our morning with wonderful breakfast delivered by room service. An hour so later and we finally made our way downstairs.

Our first stop was to the Hertz car rental station. The station was inside the hotel (which was one of the reasons why I picked the Silver Legacy). The attendant told us where we needed to park and how to check back in.

Our next stop was to the Amtrak station. We wanted to see how far it was from the hotel. We wanted to know if we could just walk there with our luggage or if we would need to drive. The station was well within walking distance. However, it would be a pain to walk there with our luggage especially since we would have to make more than one trip.

Now that we had finished everything on our agenda, Rachel and I proceeded to find some more entertaining things to do. We stopped in the Circus Circus midway for a while. We played many games at one of the racing stations. Since we were the only two playing at the time, one of us (usually Rachel) would get a prize at the end of the race. When we finally tired of the game, we traded in all of our small stuffed animals for a large stuffed dog.

Next, we started some more serious gambling. We played slots for a while, then Rachel watched as I played blackjack (she does not like to play). Around lunchtime, we stopped for a bite, and then headed back to the gaming area. I think that overall we came out even.

After we tired ourselves out, I called my step mom Norma to see what she and my dad Jimmy where doing. She invited us over for dinner. Rachel and I drove over to their place and had a wonderful dinner. They gave us the tour of their place. In addition, we played with their dog Harley. Lastly, we showed them the pictures we had taken and then took some group pictures.

Even though dinner was very filling, Rachel and I had a craving for some junk food. Fortunately, the hotel had a wonderful late night menu that was able to satiate our cravings.

Tagline for today: “I stayed up all night playing poker with tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died.” - Steven Wright