Dinosaur Plant

1 minute read

I have wanted a plant for my home office for quite awhile now. However, as I do not have much of a “green thumb” I decided to get something simple. I found a “dinosaur plant” online. It only grows to be about four inches, so it should not get out of hand. In addition, it can go without water for years. When it lacks water, it curls up into a ball to preserve its moisture. Moreover, as it essentially sits in a bowl of water, I do not have to worry about over or under watering.

Aside from getting the plant, this past week was not overly exciting. I finished my federal and state tax returns. I still need to file my city tax returns though. Fortunately, the city will actually fill out the forms for me.

This past Friday, we celebrated the seventy-fifth birthday of Rachel’s paternal grandmother. As usual for birthday celebrations, we had dinner and dessert at our favorite restaurant.

I need to run some errands this week while Rachel’s at work. So, I wanted to make sure that the truck was still running. After a few months of disuse, it did not want to run. Rachel’s brother came over to help start it. Unfortunately, the battery did not want to hold a charge. Fortunately, a store was still open that sold car batteries. With the new battery, the truck is running as good as ever. And, after a much needed car wash, it is as clean as ever.

Tagline for today: “On my income tax 1040 it says ‘Check this box if you are blind.’ I wanted to put a check mark about three inches away.” - Tom Lehrer