Pickles And Sour Cream

1 minute read

Rachel and I like to tease our dog Emily. In fact, we have vanity plates with her two favorite phrases: “Treats” and “Car Ride.” Of course, the teasing is all in good fun. My father-in-law Ken gave her the name of “Pickle Juice Head.” He had inadvertently spilled some pickle juice on her.

Last night, Emily got a new nickname: “Sour Cream Tail.” I was making a burrito for dinner. I was attempting to get the last bit of sour cream off my fork and onto the burrito. I went straight down with my hand and fork, expecting the sour cream to follow the same trajectory. Unfortunately, the sour cream veered to the left and landed on the middle of Emily’s tail. To make matters worse, as Emily was wagging her tail at the time, the wagging action redistributed some of the sour cream to a nearby trashcan, the stove, the walls, and the floor. While Rachel and I were trying not to cry, as we were laughing so hard, Emily stood there oblivious to what had happened. However, once we pointed out the spots to her, Emily happily helped us clean up the mess.

Tagline for today: “I spilled Spot Remover on my dog. Now he’s gone.” - Steven Wright