Born Again

1 minute read

A week or so ago, I left my dinosaur plant by the window for some much needed sunlight. Unfortunately, for the plant, I left the window open all night. When I checked on it the next day, it had shriveled up. I left the plant like that for a week before I added some water. Within a few hours, it opened up again and looks as good as new.

I have wanted to expand the photo gallery. However, the software I currently use can handle only a limited number of pictures. To handle a larger amount, I needed a database backend (like MySQL). For an extra $15 a month, my hosting provider would give me that backend. But, I would only get two megabytes for my database file even though I am allotted five gigabytes of web space. I was looking on my provider’s site for a better hosting plan. And, I found that for what I was already paying, I could get MySQL with twenty-five megabytes of data space. It turns out that the hosting plan I was on was obsolete. After switching to the new plan, my website was moved to a different server. This means that I had to change database entries and such. It will also mean that I will have to modify some of my web scripts. So, you may notice an occasional problem until I get them rewritten.

Tagline for today: “Writing free verse is like playing tennis with the net down.” - Robert Frost