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Two brown, black, and white dogs were last seen in the vicinity heading eastbound. After several attempts, the escapees were finally apprehended.

Okay, I admit it; it was my fault. I came in from the garage for a few minutes. When I went back outside, I noticed the gate was open and Kelly and Kara were nowhere to be found. I thought I had closed the gate, but I was wrong. I yelled for Rachel and then started running down the street. They ran past four or five houses before finally stopping. Both of them came to Rachel when called (ignoring me). Rachel grabbed Kelly, but was unable to grasp Kara. Kara ran across the street and through some bushes. She sat just beyond the bushes until I came over and told her to come. I know I can use the exercise, but I did want any at the time.

Speaking of exercising, Rachel decided that she wants to ride between ten and fifteen miles for diabetes. While it is a wonderful cause, I have my doubts. Before signing up, I said that we needed to see if our bikes (and us) could handle it. After cleaning them and inflating the tires, we were off. On Tuesday, we rode about three miles through a local part. The ride was okay at first. But, the last half mile was tough (especially since it was all uphill). On Wednesday, we rode four miles, but again and problems with the last half mile.

Of course, we did not only have physical problems: My bike seat was deteriorating so we replaced both of our seats. On our first time riding, my chain came off (although it was on while I tested it). The second time riding, it derailed to the outside. Fortunately, it took less than a minute to fix the problem both times. My front brake needs to be realigned. Rachel’s back tire wobbles and I accidentally broke her shifter. So, we dropped both bikes off at a local repair shop. I hope that within a few days (if it stops raining) that we will be able to ride again. This time, we will try to ride only every other day until our muscles adapt.

Tagline for today: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a delay of about three hours.” - Milton Berle