Lack Of Entries

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I guess if I actually read my own blog, I would realize that there had not been any entries this month. I am not sure if anyone really reads this on a regular basis, or at least there have been no complaints. At any rate, it is time to catch up.

On July 21, the seventh and final (so far?) “Harry Potter” book came out. I had thought that I had pre-ordered the book as usual. But, it looks like I never completed my order. So, we had to wait until the next day before we picked one up locally. I was only able to read on my 1/2 hour lunch breaks and a bit at home. I was able to finish it that Wednesday though. The book was okay. It tied up a lot of loose ends.

On July 24, Rachel and I went to the “silent opening” of the Target store in Fairview Park, OH. The nearby store in Rocky River was closing that day. The silent opening date is only told to employees and friends, but anyone could go. The official opening was held a few days later. The store was nice and clean; all the shelves were fully stocked and very neatly aligned. The registers had balloons on them. There was some nice-looking food on a buffet table (but it was a bit crowded). The pharmacy was giving out bags packed with various goodies. They even had a live band next to the fitting rooms.

For the past few weeks, I have been sick, but mostly only on the weekends. By Monday, I seem to be a bit better. Maybe something at home is making me sick. I dunno, but I do not think so; Rachel also became sick recently (and stayed sick). Maybe it is too much stress at home and not enough sleep.

At least it is the weekend again. I am really enjoying having three-day weekends nearly every week. Now, I just have to relax and wait for Pizza Hut to show up. Our local Pizza Hut allows for online ordering. I tried it out. I hope that it works out well. They have less than two minutes before their anticipated arrival time.

Actually, looking at the security cam, I can see them pulling into the driveway. Time to eat!

Tagline for today: “One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.” - Luciano Pavorotti