Credit Card Company Conundrum

1 minute read

Due to lack of income, I have been behind on my bills. Consequently, I receive a number of phone calls from credit card companies, banks, and whatnot looking for money. This, of course, is understandable. What bugs me though, is when they call more than once a day. I have had companies call up to ten times a day. If I am not at home, leave me a message.

What bugs me even more is when they call after I have made a payment. I get tired of answering the phone and explaining to the CSR that I already made a payment. No, none of my personal information changed. No, I do not want to want to start an automatic payment plan. No, I will not give you my cell phone or work number. Yes, I already made a payment. Oh, you did not look at your computer before you called me? How stupid of you. Yes, please mark my account noting that I already made a payment.

An hour later the phone rings again. Yes, I already made a payment and told another CSR the same thing just an hour ago.

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