Halloween Costumes

1 minute read

Rachel and I have been invited to after Halloween party at my boss’s house in a few weeks. Costumes are not required, but they are preferred. I am not much of a party person; I generally prefer a smaller group of people. In addition, I don’t always enjoy meeting new people. Lastly, I haven’t dressed up for Halloween since elementary school.

Rachel pointed out that we don’t do enough “couple things” and that we really go out with anyone outside the family. With that in mind, I begrudgingly agreed and accepted the invitation.

Today, we did some food shopping for the party. We are palling to bring black and orange chips with some salsa. We are also planning to make some dirt cake as a dessert.

Next, we went costume shopping. We wanted to get matching costumes. We also wanted to make sure that the costumes were kid-appropriate. Lastly, as the party is about an hour’s drive, we wanted something that we could wear on the road. The first place had a few costumes that Rachel like, but not a lot that I liked. Plus, I didn’t want to spend $70 for each costume.

The second place was much better. We found a priest’s costume for me and a nun’s costume for Rachel. They were within our price range and they fit. We also bought some accessories.

Even though I am not eager to go to the party, I am positive that we will both have a fun time. It will give Rachel and me a chance to spend more time together and to know my coworkers better.