Winter Chill Out 2024

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Rachel and I have attended Cedar Point’s Winter Chill Out for a few years. It is an opportunity to see rides up close, sample some new food, and get a first-hand look at what’s in store for the upcoming park season. All of the proceeds benefit A Kid Again.

Last year, they implemented a lottery system. Since we didn’t make it last year, we didn’t have high hopes for this year. However, we secured two tickets for the 9:00 AM slot. Even though we could have done the event in a single day, we decided to make it a weekend trip and stay at the newly renovated Sawmill Creek. One of the highlights was their breakfast buffet.

This year, we were led by tour guides. This means that we couldn’t go in the order that we wanted. Also, due to many logistics problems this year, we had lots of waiting and backtracking. As such, this year’s event wasn’t the best.

We tried to take multiple pictures this time. Given that Rachel took most of the pictures, I’m giving her all the credit for the good pictures. 😁 Also, due to the aforementioned backtracking, we have a lot of random pictures. I tried to group them somewhat. So, pictures are not necessarily in the order of the event:

Outside the Park

Here is part of the drive across the causeway to Cedar Point, the parking lot, and the front gates. Parking wasn’t bad. But, in the large open area, the winds were fierce.


At the entrance, we got sorted into our groups. We got a hat, gloves, a lanyard, and some information about the event. At the sign shop, we also got three trading cards. At the arcade (the first time they’ve had it open), they gave us a card to use at the games.

Engine Shop

The train around the park is about the only ride I get on. So, it was nice to get an up-close look. Also, being out of the cold for a bit was nice.

Millennium Force

Next, we walked around Millennium Force. This time, it wasn’t too muddy, and we could go through all the way through the launch tunnels.

The Barnyard

At The Barnyard, we met Churro, Babette, Millie, and the new baby half-brother of Churro, Chorizo. This is the first time they had the animals out for the event; they were just there for the day.

Sign & Animation Shops

We went into the Sign & Animation Shops. It was nice to be inside again. We also had the opportunity to go through Linen Services, Landscaping, and Ride Maintenance. We had been through them before, so we opted out this time. Instead, we watched the seagulls fly about.

Top Thrill 2

After waiting multiple times for multiple groups, we finally went inside the maintenance room for the updated Top Thrill 2. Previously, this was the engine room used to launch the coaster. But, because it now uses magnets for launch, they have much more space. We had the opportunity to get our pictures taken in and by the new cars. There was a very short presentation and an even shorter Q&A. This was a bit disappointing because I wanted to hear about all the other new things at Cedar Point. They did a raffle drawing where a family got a one-time pass to jump to the front of the line for the ride. In prior years, they had given away old signs or lifetime passes.

We were given snacks at The Farmhouse Kitchen & Grill. We had our choice of hot chocolate, coffee, mini muffins, and cookies. It was the first time we’d been given a snack. In prior years, they had a “warming station” where we could get hot drinks and use the resturant.

We were also given lunch at Melt Bar & Grilled. This was the first time it was held here. Melt used to be the warming station. While I would have preferred the standard Melt menu, I still had an enjoyable lunch: Caesar salad, broccoli & cheese casserole, signature mac & cheese, island meatballs, and a candy cookie. It was also lovely to sit inside, especially after walking outside for most of the day.

We got to go through one of the arcades. It was my first time going in, mostly because it is often too crowded. We got a card that let us play all the games. We’ll have to try the cards once the season starts to see if they have any credits. We also went through the costume shop. But, due to copyright reasons, they don’t allow pictures.

Point Plaza

We ended the tour at Point Plaza. We go there on virtually every Cedar Point trip. But, this was the first time they had items for Winter Chill Out. We got two sweatshirts. Rachel added to her button collection. The favorite was the mini seagull (with a french fry) to go with her other seagull plushes. We saw an employee walking around with one on her shoulder and figured she had just sewed it to her jacket. However, it has a magnet and detachable base, making it easy to have it ride on your shoulder.


Finally, here are the other random pictures we took while walking about.