Jaguar Faucets

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I have been noticing a number of people reaching my site who are looking for “Jaguar faucets.” At first, I was wondering if the famous car maker was branching out. I might not be able to afford a car from Jaguar, but I was curious about a Jaguar faucet. After some brief research, I was unable to find anything, but I wondered if maybe people were looking for beer taps with the Jacksonville Jaguars logo.

Eventually, I finally found a company in India called Jaguar International Limited. It appears as though they do make some plumbing products. I did see that Jaguar International Limited is owned by D.P. Jindal Group.

After more searching, I found this site that looks promising. At least they sell what I traditionally think of as a faucet. I do not know if this is what everyone seems to be searching for. If anyone finds a better link, please let me know.

If I was buying a new faucet, this is what I would buy.