Running Into A Wall

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I know that runners occasionally talk about “hitting a wall.” This usually means a sudden loss of energy. Yesterday, I “hit the wall” while jogging on my treadmill. I know I am in poor shape (right now), but this had nothing to do with my endurance. I literally hit the wall. Well, not quite.

I was about twenty minutes into my jog when the treadmill stopped abruptly. My chest hit the treadmill’s console while my feet slipped on the running surface. Consequently, I have severe pains in my chest, hips, knees, and back. I only wished that it looked as funny as it sounded.

It turns out that the circuit had tripped for that room. I am not yet sure, if the treadmill drawing power than it should have caused the problem or if it was a coincidence. All I know now is that it hurts every time I sit, stand, or breathe. This is going to be a long week.