Going Green

1 minute read

As Kermit the Frog often said, “it ain’t easy being green.” Isn’t that the truth? Yes, I try to recycle and such, but it is not enough. A blogger mentioned that her calculated carbon footprint is around 20 tons of carbon dioxide. I was only a bit surprised that when I calculated mine, it was at 100 tons.

The biggest problem is my commute. I commute about forty-seven miles each way to work in 2002 Dodge Durango. I never intended to use this vehicle full time. It just ended up that way.

I had been working at home at the time with Rachel doing most of the driving. She had been using a 1999 Dodge Dakota for a commute. It was okay in the gas mileage department (for trucks), but not so good in the traction department. During one snowy season, she had a few accidents. Also, as I was stranded at home, we decided to get another vehicle.

A year later, I changed to my present job. We had intended on moving closer, but we were unable to sell our house in time before the housing market plummeted. Since we could not sell our house, we wanted to make some improvements to hopefully save on our utility bills. Unfortunately, with high gas prices, that never happened.

I know that I can easily reduce my carbon footprint and become greener. The only thing I need right now is more green.