Wii Have A Problem

2 minute read

Recently, the US Government approved a stimulus payment to us taxpayers. The payment schedule was based on the last two digits of the taxpayer’s Social Security Number as well as if the taxpayer’s refund was direct deposited.

Thanks to having a very low number, Rachel and I got our stimulus payment on Friday. Most of the money will go to bills and such. But, we decided to splurge on a Nintendo Wii. Wiis are still tough to find in retail stores. Rachel was lucky to find a Target store with two available.

The package comes with the Wii console, a Wii Remote (Wiimote), a Nunchuk, and the Wii Sports game. We wanted to get another Wiimote with Nunchuk, a couple of classic controllers, and a few games. Unfortunately, the amount of accessories was limited at the store. Rachel was only able to pick up a Nunchuk, a single classic controller, The Simpsons Game, and Super Paper Mario.

She intended to go to a different store to find the remaining accessories and maybe some other games. But, one of my coworkers wanted a Wii also. So, she went back into the store, bought the remaining Wii console, and headed home.

After I got home, we went to a different Target store in search of another Wiimote and classic controller. They did have the controller, but no Wiimotes. Fortunately, we noticed that the Wii Play game included a Wiimote! We also picked up a charge station. Now we were set.

I set up the Wii and we stared to play Wii Sports. It takes a bit to get used to. But, it was very fun. We also played all the games in Wii Play.

On Saturday, I was able to add the Wii to my WiFi network. The installation would have been quicker if I had been broadcasting my SSID, had a shorter key, and did not use MAC filtering. But, it was pretty painless overall. I played a few games in Wii Sports, then went off to other things.

When Rachel got home, we tried Super Paper Mario. We were disappointed. We hoped it was a two-player game. Rachel watched while I attempted to play for a half hour. I was not actually playing; I was just going through the dialog between the characters. Ugh.

We switched to The Simpsons Game. I started out as Homer. Again, we were disappointed as it only appeared that it was only a single player game. But, once I got past the tutorial, we were able to play simultaneously. We ended up playing for about five hours.

Today, I tried Super Paper Mario again. Once you get past the dialog, it is actually fun to play. But, as it is only a single player game, I will have to play when Rachel is doing other things. For now, we are still playing The Simpsons Game. We logged about eight hours of game play tonight.