Gas Shortage

1 minute read

I know that gas prices are steadily increasing. The only solution is to stop using gas. One could use a vehicle that uses an alternative energy source (such as electricity or human power).

While filling up my vehicle, I made the hard decision to stop driving. It is costing too much not to mention the damage it is doing to the environment. When I completed the fill up, I could not even get back into my vehicle. I know that seems a bit drastic. However, as the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures.

I ended up calling my wife to help me out of my situation. Once she arrived, I was reluctantly able to drive again. Of course, I had stupidly locked my keys in the car and she only came to bring a spare key. It sounds better when I tell it my way. :)

In all the years driving, I have only locked the keys in my vehicle maybe three times. I had already been running late when my fuel light came on. I was obviously not thinking when I exited my vehicle without removing my keys. I felt so stupid. I had to stand outside in the rain, waiting for Rachel to bail me out.

What I said about gas prices and the environment is still true. I need to get a more fuel-efficient vehicle. It seems everything comes down to money. If I had money to spare, I could buy a hybrid or an electric vehicle. Of course, if I had money to spare, I could simply move about forty miles closer to work. Actually, if I had money to burn, I probably would not complain about gas prices.